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Some Advice On Limestone & Granite Window Sills

Windows and doors are natural focal points. Indoors and out, they’re typically the architectural elements of a structure that first catch your eye. By adding a distinctive accent, stone window sills let you take advantage of the eye-catching quality of windows. Windowsills crafted from natural stone offer an affordable way to add unique style to both the interior and exterior of your property.

Functional and Durable 
Windowsills pull double duty, protecting your home or business from the weather whilst defining the structure’s style. When installed and sealed by qualified master stone masons, a stone window sill offers long-lasting protection against water, staining and rot. As a durable, non-combustible material, a natural stone window sill provides a measure of safety and security as well. Wood sills expand and contract with every change of the weather, showing wear after just a few seasons. Low-maintenance stone window sills will keep their handsome good looks for decades.
Material and Style Options 
Available in neutral shades of black, grey, brown, cream and white, stone sills can add style and distinction to any structure. A sill crafted from limestone is perfect for adding a note of Old World charm to traditional architectural and decorative schemes. Whilst limestone can be polished, the material can’t achieve the same level of shine as granite. A limestone sill is a wonderful option when you want to add textural appeal to your home or business.
Sleek and polished, a granite sill is ideal when you want to weave a contemporary aesthetic into your décor. Three times as strong as cement, granite provides exceptional protection for wind-facing fenestration as well. When installed and maintained by skilled stone masons, you can expect a marble sill to outlast your structure.
Architectural details like windows are some of the strongest design elements of your property. By adding a distinctive stone sill to the base of a window, you not only help define the decorative style of your home or business and demonstrate your good taste as well.
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