Limestone Window Sills

Some Thoughts On Window Sill Material Options

The selection of construction materials is an important facet of any project and there are multiple factors to consider when choosing those products that will best serve your needs for window sills in Ireland.

Climate & Exposure

The physical conditions and stresses caused by climate are an important issue to consider. Ireland’s temperate climate experiences rain throughout the year; and a day’s weather can change dramatically within a matter of hours. The amount of moisture, shade, wind, and sun exposure will affect the longevity of some window sills materials more than others. The specific conditions around your house are important to remember. Tree canopy cover, shade, and direction all affect moisture and sunlight exposure.

Aesthetics & Design

A second important item is the age and design aesthetic of your home. Older, historic structures will tend to look more polished if accent materials are in keeping with what would have been available during the same period. Then there is the impression that the material makes and adds to your home’s appearance. Some building materials, like stone or wood, are classic and convey a sense of tradition, stability, and refinement. Other materials are more readily customizability for non-standard sized windows sills.


Cost, both in terms of material cost and labour for crafting and installation are another important item to balance as you evaluate options for your windows sills. Costs vary greatly and are best evaluated in relation to other considerations such as aesthetics, sustainability, climate, and longevity. The initial cost saved by using less expensive material can be negated by recurring maintenance needs of window sills in Ireland

Maintenance & Longevity

Moisture and sunlight are a window sills biggest challenge. Choosing window sills in Ireland that better resist sun and moisture damage will save you maintenance expenses. The frequency and nature of upkeep will be a reflection of the material’s durability. Some windows sills will require regular painting or chemical treatments to maintain appearance and moisture control, while others are nearly maintenance free.

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