circular sandstone paving stones

Some Tips On Laying Circular Paving Stones

Circular paving designs are becoming increasingly popular in garden patio designs and are often used in both in domestic and commercial projects. The circular paving stones can create a real centre piece to your patio.
Circular paving stones are laid in much the same way as other natural stone paving. However, there are a few extra steps that you should take when laying circular paving. It is good practice to have a dry run of laying the circular paving stones in the area allocated to them just to ensure that the circular design will fit nicely in the area. The dry run can also help you determine the sequence of how you should lay each section of the circular paving, especially if there is a complex design in the middle of the circular paving. The dry run may also indicate to you that the circular design may need to be aligned slightly differently to what was originally planned to ensure the design in the middle of the circular paving will be lined up correctly with the normal viewing angle – possibly from the house.
When laying the outer circles of your paving design you again need to use your alignment line that you set up during the dry run. Once you have laid half of your outer circles you will need to ensure that you are still lined up with the centre of your circle. Small adjustments are often needed at this stage to ensure you will be lined up properly when you put in place your final paving stone to complete the circle.
S&N Granite have a wide range of circular sandstone paving to offer. We have circular paving stones available in 2m, 3m, 4m, and 5m in both Sandstone and Limestone.
If you would like further information on our circular paving products please contact us, or drop into our showrooms and see our new paving display area in Camolin, County Wexford, only an hour from Dublin.