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Spring Cleaning Tips For A Natural Stone Window Sill

Natural stone windowsills add character and style to a building. With proper care, a natural stone window sill will continue to enhance the beauty of the structure for decades to come. Although stones like limestone, marble, soapstone and granite are durable, long-lasting materials, they are still subject to stains and abrasion. These simple spring cleaning tips can help preserve the natural beauty of stone windowsills.

Routine Care 
If not regularly cleaned, even small particles of dust can graze the surface of a natural stone windows sill, slowly removing its natural polish. Routine care should include wiping the stone regularly with a non-oily cloth. Washing the window sill with warm water and a non-abrasive cloth will help prolong the stone’s finish. Because natural stone is highly reactive to acids, it’s best to use a pH-balanced cleaner to address stubborn dirt and grime. Stone cleaners containing petroleum products or animal fats should be avoided, as they can darken the stone’s colour and leave a hard-to-remove residue.
Stone Sealers 
All natural stone materials are porous to some degree. Granite resists stains better than softer stones like limestone and marble. Although natural stone has been used for centuries without the benefit of sealers, modern stone sealers help minimize stains and wear. Stone sealers work by penetrating the surface of the stone. Sealers are available with either a solvent or a water base. Both types include sealers intended for polished finishes as well as for honed or textured finishes. Water-based solvents are more topical than solvent cleaners and can be applied more frequently. Because solvent-based sealers deeply penetrate the stone’s surface and last longer, the application is best left to a qualified professional for optimal results.
When it comes to caring for a natural stone window sill, a quality stone supplier is the best resource for accurate information. A professional stone mason can not only recommend the ideal cleaner and sealer according to the type of stone and finish but can perform seasonal maintenance of a stone windows sill as well.
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