Sandstone Paving Ideas 2014

Stone Paving Ideas for Summer 2014

One word describes the strongest trend in paving ideas for the summer of 2014: quality. Style without substance is out. Home and business owners are opting for materials and designs that will retain their value for many summers to come. When it comes to materials, stone is synonymous with quality, so it’s no surprise that stone paving is making its way more frequently into an array of outdoor settings. Here are four standout stone paving trends for 2014.

1. Patios Become Courtyards

This year’s challenging winter weather has everyone looking forward to warmer weather with impatience, and emerging stone paving trends also reflect a desire to make the most out of outdoor living spaces. Instead of confining outdoor activities to a small patio, people are extending paved areas to create large courtyard areas. Often, the pavers arranged in a formal design that provides a distinctive and sophisticated space for outdoor entertaining.

2. Down the Garden Path

Long, paved paths with detailed edging are perfect for large formal gardens, but for smaller properties, the new trend is to create a winding path that entices family and friends to wander through the garden to explore its features. Frequently, this accomplished with paving slabs or large stepping stones to create a welcoming, natural look.

3. Fifty Shades of Grey

When it comes to colour options, grey looks to be the most popular choice for both indoor and outdoor paving applications. Grey is a versatile shade that works with either contemporary or traditional decorative schemes, and that’s made the colour a top choice among interior decorators and landscape designers alike this year. To showcase the fashionable shade, choose paving slabs or large pavers in symmetrical shapes and sizes.

4. Circular Patterns

In the past, the skill and equipment that it took to craft circular paving patterns deterred people from considering the design for their outdoor living areas. Today, however, pavers are available with pre-cut edges that allow you to create a circle made of stones as easily as you would a square or rectangle. Circular patterns are natural focal points that command attention, which makes them ideal when you want to achieve a show-stopping style.


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