Sandstone Paving

Stone Paving Ideas To Enhance Your Outdoor Space – Patios, Walkways, Edging For Paths & Flower Beds

One of the great joys of home ownership is the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature in your own backyard or garden. Hardscape features like patios, walkways and retaining walls help tame nature’s wild side, allowing you to get the most pleasure from your outdoor environment. From paving slabs for a country garden path to precision-cut sandstone paving for a formal courtyard, stone paving marries the natural appeal of your landscape with enhanced functionality.

Paving Ideas for Patios

When it comes to achieving the luxury look of natural stone at a price that you can afford, it’s hard to match sandstone paving. The versatile stone is available in a broad array of soft, earthy colours and comes in every shape and size imaginable. Paving slabs are perfect when you want a natural-looking patio that blends in beautifully with surrounding plantings. For a formal patio, opt for a layout of meticulously cut stones bordered in a contrasting pattern. If you want to make your patio the centrepiece of your landscape, consider sandstone paving arranged in a medallion design.

Functional Features

Garden pathways invite your family, friends and guests to stroll through your garden. They also add an appealing aura of movement and flow to the landscape. With a honed finish that helps prevent slips and falls, natural stone makes it easy to keep everyone safe as you lead them down the garden path. Whether it’s a winding path that alternates stone slabs with ground-cover plants or a straight path made up of regularly formed stones, paths offer you a functional and stylish way to get from point A to point B.
Stone paving works wonderfully as edging for flower beds too. Lay them flat to allow plants to spill over the stone or stack them side to side to keep beds neat and tidy. They’re as easy to put in place as plastic or wood edging products and are far more attractive and easier to maintain.
Whatever your landscaping challenges, there’s a stone for every garden situation. From a durable patio surface for an outdoor kitchen to paths that keep family members from tracking mud indoors, look to natural stone for solutions that are as functional and durable as they are stylish.
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