Stone Cladding Entrance

Stone Walls & Entrance Pillars Design

Whether a home owner wants entrance pillars or stone gate posts to denote the entrance of the home or wants stone walls to adorn the property’s perimeter, the finest quality stone crafted my natural stone experts is the key to success. Stone walls and entrance pillars are available in a broad array of materials and designs but it takes the hands of skilled craftsmen to achieve a professional, polished result. It takes a stockist with a broad inventory of stone as well, ensuring that each business or home owner finds the perfect material and style.

When it comes to material, granite is the premium choice for stone gate posts. Almost three times as strong as cement, granite is so durable that it will outlast almost any other material. Working with this hard stone takes expertise and experience, yet the best stone masons are up to the task. Skilled hands can cut and carve stone gate posts topped with perfectly shaped balls, for a classic, sophisticated look. Apex, pyramid or round-sided pier caps are just a few of the other forms that are available. Each can turn an ordinary wall into something extraordinary.
Rock-faced surfaces are another option for stone gate posts and stone walls. Walls can be faced with a variety of stones in varying textures and colours. Experienced stone masons can make rock-faced walls indistinguishable from walls constructed entirely of stone. Skilled stone masons will determine the right stone for the application as well, ensuring that the choice will not only complement the style of the property and home but will endure for generations to come.
S&N Granite we use the finest quality natural stone available to ensure beautiful & long lasting results for your stone walls and entrance pillars. We specialise in entrance gates for both home and commercial buildings, using materials such as granite, limestone and sandstone for magnificent structural designs. Contact S&N Granite today to find out more about our stone gate posts and pillars or visit our showroom today to view our wide range of products.