Interior Stone Cladding

What Is Stone Cladding?

Homes have been built and decorated with stone for thousands of years, but home-owners have never added more options for achieving the look of stone construction, than they do today. From kitchen back splashes to garden walls, elegant fireplaces to rustic fire pits, stone cladding makes it possible to decorate just about any surface with natural stone, indoors and out.
exterior stone cladding

Top Factors To Consider When Choosing Artificial Stone Veneer Or Natural Stone Cladding

The look of a solid stone wall inside or outside your home creates an instant and distinctive focal point, one that will define the style of the entire space. Building a stone wall from whole stones, however, usually isn’t always a practical or cost-effective option. Stone cladding, also called veneer, offers you an affordable alternative. They’re available in both natural stone and cleverly designed look-alikes. When it comes to choosing the right material for your application, however, appearance is only one of the factors that you need to consider. Read more