House with Stone Cladding Walls

How Do You Choose Your Stone Cladding Wall Materials?

Stone cladding can restore a historic home to its original glory and transform a modern home into a sophisticated and stylish abode. Cladding fashioned with natural stone offers more durability than any other materials, making it a functional choice for both interior and exterior applications. Because the cut, type and colour of the cladding stone you choose will also define the style of your home, you’ll want to explore all of your options to ensure the ideal selection. Read more

Edwards Fireplace

Natural Stone Fireplaces & Internal Stone Cladding

It’s now coming up to that time of year when a cosy, warm fire is essential to beat off the sharp cold that lingers in the air. As well as providing you with great warmth and comfort, a fire’s crackling sounds and dancing flames become an immediate attraction to any room. Accentuate the atmosphere further and create an authentic homely atmosphere using a natural stone fireplace or some stone cladding. Read more
Stone Cladding Suppliers

Give Your Home A New Look With Stone Cladding

Are you looking to change the external appearance of your home? Stone cladding may be what you are looking for.  External stone cladding can transform how your home looks. Due to its minimal installation time, it is becoming a popular choice for people Stone cladding materials come in a variety of colours and materials which means you have many options and will find a colour to suit the look you want to achieve. Read more