Quartz Stone Cladding

How & Why To Use Stone Cladding

How and Why to Use Stone Cladding

Natural stone is a material that has been used in construction for centuries to denote elegance, style and sophistication. When it comes to modern applications, however, the expense of using stacked stones for interior and exterior walls put the material out of reach of many homeowners. Real stone that has been cut into thin slices, stone cladding makes it easy and affordable for anyone to enjoy wall cladding that has the three-dimensional appearance of authentic stacked stone. Read more

Slate Stone External Cladding

Natural Cladding Stone Ideas For Your Home

Indoors and out, natural cladding stone adds aesthetic appeal, substance and character to both homes and commercial establishments. Stone cladding provides a durable surface that helps protect the underlying structure from weather and wear as well. A quality cladding supplier offers a broad selection of stone cladding supplies, from cladding designed for landscape features like garden, entrance and retaining walls to stone cladding engineered for use on structural interior and exterior walls. Read more

Stone Cladding

Best Cladding Supplies For Exterior House Design

Choosing a cladding supplier is the proactive way for home-owners to protect their families from the worst weather. Natural stone has earned a reputation for superior appearance and its energy-efficient features. Cladding supplies are also variable in their colours, sizes and textures, so buyers are sure to find the right product to match their home’s exterior appearance. Read more