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Final Cleaning of Your Indian Sandstone Driveway Before the Winter Really Arrives

Sandstone paving -Sandstone coloured circleProperly installed, an Indian sandstone driveway is a durable long-lasting surface that can withstand virtually any amount of traffic. With the right slope, good drainage and regular maintenance, the paving stone can handle winter’s ice and snow with ease. Giving the stone paving a thorough cleaning before Old Man Winter rounds the corner is the most important part of pre-season maintenance. Follow these steps to help keep your Indian sandstone drive slip-free and stylish all winter long. Read more

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Beautify Your Driveway Or Pathway With Natural Paving Stones

The front garden of a house offers home-owners the best opportunity to make a good first impression. Adding instant kerb appeal, natural paving stones give the property an aura of lasting beauty, distinction and quality. Strong, durable and easy to maintain, stone paving crafted from materials like granite, sandstone and limestone are practical materials that beautify the home and landscape as well, particularly when the stones are of high quality provided and installed by a reputable paving suppliers. Read more

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Why Indian Sandstone Paving Lasts

Looking to decorate your patio without breaking the bank? You’ve come to the right place.

Indian sandstone paving has become one of the most popular choices in durable, all-natural exterior design. Unlike other methods of paving, sandstone is built to last – to age gracefully and weather everything from storms to erosion to several generations of guests. You don’t have to worry about unsightly cracks and cement leaks, not with sandstone paving. It’s made to endure, and to compliment your home or office building without the upkeep typically required by other paving materials. Read more
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The Origin Of Indian Sandstone Paving

It’s incredible to think you can use the same authentic materials that make up the Taj Mahal in your Indian sandstone paving project. Originating in the Rajasthan area of India, Indian sandstone has garnered an ever increasing share of the stone paving market. Indian paving stones are comprised of bits of silicants, calcites, clay and quartz, among other types of rock. These ingredients combine over time with the aid of wind and water to provide a wide variance of colour and markings. This makes it a desirable product for dramatic walkways, floors and patios.

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Create Outdoor Ambiance With Indian Sandstone Paving

The subtle texture and colouring of Indian sandstone is making the stone a popular choice for paving drives, patios and paths. When choosing materials for outdoor garden and patio areas it is important to choose stones that will stand up to Ireland’s climate extremes. Quality sandstone will retain its favourable slip resistance in rainy weather. Whether purchasing Indian sandstone Ireland or any other type of paving stone, it’s always best to deal with companies that truly understand stone, those who employ skilled and experienced stone masons. Read more