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Why Driveways & Paving Stones Work Well

A driveway does more than simply provide access to a home from the street. As a strong visual introduction to a home, driveways offer opportunities for homeowners to make effective design statements about their personal style and tastes. Yet a driveway must be durable as well, crafted from materials that can withstand weather and weight. For both functionality and visual appeal, stone paving for driveways is the gold standard. Read more

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Which Type Of Paving Stone Should You Use For Your Patio Or Driveway?

A variety of natural stone paving products work wonderfully in outdoor features like patios and driveways. Whether it’s a cobbled granite drive that looks as if it’s been in place for centuries or a contemporary sandstone paving design, your options for materials, patterns and styles are virtually limitless. Determining the type of stone best for you depends on the specific application, as well as your personal aesthetic and budget. Read more
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Tips On How To Clean Your Natural Stone

Keep your natural stone paving looking its best by keeping it well maintained. If it starts to get overrun with weeds, moss, marks & stains and if they are left to settle in, then the stone will begin to get stained and damage will start to set it. When cleaning your stone paving be careful of the products you use, as some common cleaning methods or products may not be suitable and may mark or stain your paving slabs or your stone paving driveway. Read more
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Is It Safe To Use Rock Salt On Paving?

After investing in a beautiful driveway, path or patio covered with granite, sandstone or limestone paving, the last thing you want to do is apply anything that will cause damage to the stones. In freezing weather, however, you want to ensure that the stone paving doesn’t lead to slips and falls. Rock salt may seem to offer a simple solution, but there are several reasons why you should think twice before covering the surface with loads of rock salt. Read more
Sandstone and Limestone paving

How To Use The Different Types Of Limestone Paving

There are two very obvious characteristics that make limestone paving an attractive option for any homeowner. One is the quality of the natural stone product itself. They are typically low maintenance and not in need of frequent replacement. The other is the versatility in which it can be used. The number of projects and ways to use stone paving is limited only by your imagination. Paving projects can be carried out both indoors and out. The variety of colours, shape and texture bring originality to any project you tackle. Read more

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Design Ideas For Paving Layouts

Natural stone is the most durable and luxurious of paving materials, elevating both the look and the market value of your property. With the wide variety of colours, textures and sizes available, stone paving can also be used to create a one-of-a-kind layout and pattern. Whether you want a limestone paving driveway that complements your home’s colour palette or an attention-grabbing design as the centrepiece for your patio, the following design ideas may spark your imagination. Read more
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Creating A Unique Limestone Or Sandstone Paving Design For Your Outdoor Area

Available in an abundance of natural colours ranging from rustic brown to soft shades of grey, sandstone and limestone paving stones are ideal for adding style to the outdoor areas of your home. Whether used to create a piquant accent for your patio or an eye-catching centre piece in your front garden, stone paving is even more effective when arranged in a unique design. Stone paving designs give you the chance to create a custom look for your home that reflects your sense of style and taste. Read more

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Contemporary Paving Ideas

Stone paving has been used to add functionality and decorative appeal to gardens and home interiors for thousands of years, but that doesn’t mean your paving can’t look fresh and modern. Natural stone paving is ingrained with the characteristics that epitomise the contemporary style: streamlined forms, clean lines and minimal ornamentation. From mid-century modern designs to the latest twists in paving applications, here are four ideas that can add a contemporary look to your home, inside and out. Read more