Paving Stone

Do It Yourself Or Use A Professional Stone Mason?

Do It Yourself or Use a Professional Stone Mason?

When it comes to building a stylish and functional patio, it’s hard to beat natural stone paving for durability and beauty. Well installed patio paving in the right stone, colour and shape can transform a generic space into something spectacular. Once you’ve decided to use stone paving for your outdoor living space, the next choice is whether to install the patio yourself or to hire a professional stone mason for the job. These tips can help you decide which option is best for you. Read more


Best Materials For Paving In Ireland

When it comes to paving Ireland, nothing matches natural stone for durability and character. Whether for a historic home or for new construction, driveways, walkways and kerbs  stone adds functionality and distinction to any home and commercial building. As evidenced by cobblestone streets that have survived the centuries, stone is the optimum choice for paving Ireland. Stone shrugs off harsh climate conditions, and its strength takes heavy weight in stride. Read more