Stone Paving

Mixing & Matching Paving Styles for the Perfect Finish

Not too long ago, paving styles were restricted to traditional patterns and designs, but the extensive selection of stones, shapes, sizes and colours that are available today have expanded your options. Now, you can mix and match styles to your heart’s delight, creating a design that’s unique for your application. Whether you prefer a rustic or a sophisticated look, the sky’s the limit when it comes to finishing your stone paving installation in high style.


Traditional Twists

Traditional patterns like herringbone, running bond and basket weave remain popular paving styles. Their interlocking patterns add durability and strength as well as visual interest to the design. For a twist on the traditional look, consider adding a colourful border in a contrasting colour and pattern. Borders give paths, patios and driveways a crisp, tailored look that adds a note of sophistication to simple paving stone styles.


Free-Style Patterns

Limestone paving is an extremely popular choice for patterned designs. The soft even-toned shades available in limestone paving make it easy to mix and match colours to create a coordinated yet distinctive design. Start by selecting a colour palette that complements your home’s architectural style and suits your personal taste. For a pleasing random-looking pattern, choose square and rectangular paving stone in different sizes.


Nature-Inspired Designs

The latest trend in mixing and matching paving styles is to incorporate living plants into the design. Whether it’s filling the gaps between randomly laid paving slabs with a ground cover or allowing a pattern to trail off haphazardly into bordering flower beds or grass, plants soften the look of paving designs. You can even create pockets in a patterned path or patio design for seasonal annuals. When it comes to finishing off a paving design in style, the only limit is your imagination.

Now that you have a better understanding of the benefits of mixing and matching stone paving for your patio or driveway check out our range of paving slabs here or visit us in our display area in Camolin, Co. Wexford and one of our sales team will give you the best advice around your paving options.

Mint fossil Sandstone circle

Matching Stone Paving With Window Sills and Door Arches

When it comes to choosing paving stone for your home or garden, you can select materials from stone paving suppliers that will either blend in with architectural details like window sills and door arches or that will stand out in stark contrast. Both approaches can achieve pleasing results. Great home design contains both unifying elements and contrasting components. The following tips can help you match your paving stone to your personal style. Read more

Sandstone and Limestone paving

Can Paving Stone & Landscaping Rock Help Your Garden Design?

There are few things in life more pleasurable than enjoying the beauty of nature, and it’s even more appealing when the view is of your own garden at home. When it becomes hard to see your garden’s best features for the forest of wild growth that surrounds them, however, it’s time to think about ways to add order to the landscape. Hardscaping features like stone paving, patios and landscaping rocks help define your garden’s boundaries, borders and beds, providing the visual contrast that you need tame nature’s wilder side. Read more

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Why Driveways & Paving Stones Work Well

A driveway does more than simply provide access to a home from the street. As a strong visual introduction to a home, driveways offer opportunities for homeowners to make effective design statements about their personal style and tastes. Yet a driveway must be durable as well, crafted from materials that can withstand weather and weight. For both functionality and visual appeal, stone paving for driveways is the gold standard. Read more

Granite Paving

Protecting Your Paving Stone Through The Winter

When properly installed and maintained, a paving stone drive or walkway will provide decades of functional service while enhancing the beauty of your property. Expert installation and routine care are essential when it comes to ensuring that your paving slabs or stones can withstand harsh winter weather. Natural stone is a durable but porous material that requires minimal maintenance to keep it looking its best.
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Natural Paving Ideas For Your Garden

Mother nature does a lot each year to ensure the garden is stunning when in full bloom. There are a few things that can be done to sort of frame and set off the natural beauty. The use of paving stones has been around for centuries to construct fencing, roadways and gates. The list is nearly endless. Create the ultimate garden of your dreams using natural paving stones. The cost is minimal, but the effects can be quite dramatic. Read more