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Beautify Your Driveway Or Pathway With Natural Paving Stones

The front garden of a house offers home-owners the best opportunity to make a good first impression. Adding instant kerb appeal, natural paving stones give the property an aura of lasting beauty, distinction and quality. Strong, durable and easy to maintain, stone paving crafted from materials like granite, sandstone and limestone are practical materials that beautify the home and landscape as well, particularly when the stones are of high quality provided and installed by a reputable paving suppliers. Read more

Sandstone paving

Great Ideas for Terrace/Courtyard Paving

Natural stone paving provides you with a stylish yet functional way to transform an ordinary deck or patio into a fashionably elegant terrace or courtyard. Whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary style, a broad selection of colours, designs and patterns ensures that you find the ideal choice. Here are some of the latest and greatest ideas for paving that are drawing attention from discriminating home-owners. Read more

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How To Create An Indoor-Outdoor Connection With Stone Paving

Stone sets the bar high when it comes to home design. The material is known for its beauty, durability and timeless appeal. When installed as stone paving for paths, patios and driveways, the material also offers opportunities to create a visual connection in your home with the landscape outside. By repeating design elements from your landscape inside your home, interiors can blend seamlessly with your home’s exteriors. Read more

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Do It Yourself Or Use A Professional Stone Mason?

Do It Yourself or Use a Professional Stone Mason?

When it comes to building a stylish and functional patio, it’s hard to beat natural stone paving for durability and beauty. Well installed patio paving in the right stone, colour and shape can transform a generic space into something spectacular. Once you’ve decided to use stone paving for your outdoor living space, the next choice is whether to install the patio yourself or to hire a professional stone mason for the job. These tips can help you decide which option is best for you. Read more

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Creating A Unique Limestone Or Sandstone Paving Design For Your Outdoor Area

Available in an abundance of natural colours ranging from rustic brown to soft shades of grey, sandstone and limestone paving stones are ideal for adding style to the outdoor areas of your home. Whether used to create a piquant accent for your patio or an eye-catching centre piece in your front garden, stone paving is even more effective when arranged in a unique design. Stone paving designs give you the chance to create a custom look for your home that reflects your sense of style and taste. Read more