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Window Sills & Heads: How To Frame A Window

To frame a window, you’ll need care, precision, and an absolute attention to detail. A poorly-installed or weakly-framed window can lead to water damage and even health hazards if a draft sneaks in, which is why it’s so important to choose the right kind of window sill and know what you’re doing when you position it.

But don’t fret, it can be done! Here are a few basic steps to rolling up your sleeves and framing your own window. Read more
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Spring Cleaning Tips For A Natural Stone Window Sill

Natural stone windowsills add character and style to a building. With proper care, a natural stone window sill will continue to enhance the beauty of the structure for decades to come. Although stones like limestone, marble, soapstone and granite are durable, long-lasting materials, they are still subject to stains and abrasion. These simple spring cleaning tips can help preserve the natural beauty of stone windowsills. Read more

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Some Advice On Limestone & Granite Window Sills

Windows and doors are natural focal points. Indoors and out, they’re typically the architectural elements of a structure that first catch your eye. By adding a distinctive accent, stone window sills let you take advantage of the eye-catching quality of windows. Windowsills crafted from natural stone offer an affordable way to add unique style to both the interior and exterior of your property. Read more

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S&N Granite’s Window Sill Variety

S&N Granite’s Window Sill Variety

The windowsills of the house are one of those details that make the house attractive. A window sill that is cracked, old, or rotted makes the house look unwelcoming, no matter how well the rest of the house is kept.
S&N Granite, the premier stone mason in Ireland, offers both their residential and commercial customers the very best quality when it comes to granite and limestone windowsills. Read more