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Window Sills & Weatherproofing

When the cold creeps in, it is time to increase the heat. As valuable as a heater is, it can actually worsen the situation by wasting energy and increasing bills. That is when it becomes necessary to proof the window sills against the conditions of the weather. When people make a few affordable fixes, they are better able to prevent the entry of cold air. There are tips available to prevent leaks and weatherproof windows. Read more

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Window Sills & Heads: How To Frame A Window

To frame a window, you’ll need care, precision, and an absolute attention to detail. A poorly-installed or weakly-framed window can lead to water damage and even health hazards if a draft sneaks in, which is why it’s so important to choose the right kind of window sill and know what you’re doing when you position it.

But don’t fret, it can be done! Here are a few basic steps to rolling up your sleeves and framing your own window. Read more
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Some Advice On Limestone & Granite Window Sills

Windows and doors are natural focal points. Indoors and out, they’re typically the architectural elements of a structure that first catch your eye. By adding a distinctive accent, stone window sills let you take advantage of the eye-catching quality of windows. Windowsills crafted from natural stone offer an affordable way to add unique style to both the interior and exterior of your property. Read more

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Choosing Long Lasting Window Sills

Not too many exterior parts on a house take a pounding like the window sills. It’s not simply the fact that they are exposed to wind, rain and snow, but we also tend to lean things against them, or pile things on top. Wood is not able to withstand the punishment and begins to break down within a few years. Repainting helps, but eventually any type of wood used will begin to crack, chip and rot. Replacing window sills Ireland shouldn’t have to be done each and every decade. Read more