The Benefits Of External Cladding Stone Structures

The exterior of a home or business is the structure’s first defence against extreme weather. The right building material will not only stand up to sun, wind, rain and snow but will add a level of insulation to the structure as well, lowering heating costs. As functional as it is beautiful, it’s hard to match natural stone for quality when it comes to external cladding. The cladding cut from stones like granite or slate offers both strength and style.

Lasting Value

External cladding offers all the durability and easy maintenance of solid stone at less expense. Light yet durable, stone veneers add both beauty and strength to exterior walls. Home and business owners can expect their external stone cladding to outlast any other cladding material. Quality cladding increases the market value of the property as well, allowing those who choose stone cladding to recover much of their initial investment upon re-sale.

Care-Free Installation and Maintenance

Available in slabs or bricks of varying thickness, stone cladding requires minimal installation time, an important consideration for those who can’t afford to have their busy lifestyles interrupted with extensive renovations. Requiring little or no maintenance, stone cladding offers convenience over the life of the material as well.

Superior Style

When installed by a skilled stone mason, the benefits of external cladding include a unique and distinctive style. Natural stones get their colour, veining and striation from the location of quarry in which they are cut. Quality suppliers of natural stone products offer stone exterior cladding materials selected from quarries all over the world, guaranteeing the ideal colour and texture for every application.
Whether its granite exterior cladding in a deep charcoal hue or sandstone cladding in rustic shades of brown, a broad selection of stone ensures the optimal choice for every home or business. Cladding crafted from stone lends a distinctive look to a home or business whilst adding functionality to the structure as well.
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