Limestone Window Sills

The Benefits of Natural Stone Window Cill Designs

Lasting beauty and natural stone are synonymous. The elegance of these marvellous building materials continues to snare the interest of architects, builders, remodelers, décor designers and homeowners. Marble and granite have been used for centuries in the construction of enduring structural designs.

Each of them lend sophistication to any application in a building, but of the three durable materials granite is known to be almost as hard as diamonds. The use of diamond tipped circular saws is required to cut and shape granite slabs and tiles for construction purposes. Resistance to damage in everyday use is why granite is in demand for kitchens.
Along with the rising popularity of granite counter tops in kitchens and bathrooms comes the rebirth of natural stone window cills. Granite cills can be installed as extensions of counter tops when windows reach the same level as the counter surface. A matching granite window cill above the sink enhances the appeal of the overall setting.
These Natural stone window sills can create a stunning feature to the exterior of your home, adding style and sophistication to each window of the house. Wooden window cills are common in many homes and are rarely considered a focal point of interest. Wooden cills deteriorate over time and need to be repainted or replaced. The timeless beauty of granite cills impart visual class to the surrounding space and, with minimal maintenance, they will endure for the life of the house.
A wide variety of colours of granite are available to choose from so you can choose a design and colour that best suits your home design.
S&N Granite specialise in top quality granite window cills, additionally other natural stone materials such as limestone are used to make stunning window cills. Contact S&N Granite to enquire about our range of window sills or visit our showroom today.