The Benefits Of Stone Cladding: (Insulation)

Not only does stone cladding provide your home with a beautiful and distinctive style, it also has major benefits around insulating
and heating your home. Good stone cladding provides effective insulation keeping the internal temperature constant, and avoiding an over reliance on appliances such as heaters and air conditioning systems.
Natural stone, is an incredibly effective insulator because it prevents cold and hot air from entering a home. During the summer months, granite and other high quality exterior cladding products absorb heat from the sun, keeping the indoor temperature constant.  This can help reduce both your energy costs and carbon footprint.
As well as improving the thermal insulation of your house, stone cladding can also improve the noise insulation of your house. External noise pollution such as traffic and roadwork’s can be greatly reduced with good stone cladding.
Stone cladding is extremely durable and a great first defence against harsh weather. Exterior cladding will stand up to sun, wind, rain and snow to great effect.
At S & N granite, we offer a wide variety of cladding materials such as granite exterior cladding in a deep charcoal hue or sandstone cladding in rustic shades of brown. Our broad selection of stone ensures the optimal choice for every home or business. Cladding crafted from stone lends a distinctive look to a home or business whilst adding functionality to the structure as well. S&N Granite sources the highest quality natural stone for our customers, and provides these stone solutions at the best possible price.
All of our stone cladding finishes are quickly and easily applied, and cause no major interruptions, allowing you full use of your home or business.
Come on down to our showroom in Camolin, Co Wexford (just an hour outside Dublin), and view our extensive range of stone cladding designs or click into our product area. Otherwise, contact us to learn more about which of our stone cladding products best suits your home or business project.