Granite Window Cill

Top 5 Tips – Window Cill Replacement Advice

The window sill completes the look of a window, but its function extends well beyond the aesthetics. The window sill forms the supportive base of the window that frames the bottom of its wall opening. It overlaps the wall’s thickness, on both the indoor and outdoor sides, forming a ledge that directs rainwater or other liquids away from the wall itself.

So what could five tips tell you about window sills? Expert leading advice to help you make wise and informed decisions in selecting the right window cills for your house.

Wood Window Cill

Use pressure-treated wood for your window cills because over time, wood cills rot from their exposure to the weather. Stain or paint the pressure-treated wood sill to match the colour and accents on your house.

Granite Sills

Install granite sills for a lifetime investment for your home. Granite’s waterproof surface repels water and when installed properly protects the underlying wall material. Granite sills are available in many tones and colours for home-owners to choose from.

The Right Pitch

Pitch the window sills correctly. A window cills pitch must direct water downward and away from the window and the indoors. It acts as a channel that allows water to drip away from the window before touching the main structure.

Do not install a window cill at a levelled horizontally or with a pitch that directs flowing water to the window. Over time, water directed into the window would cause wood rot, drywall mould and the window to warp, leading to thousands of dollars in repairs.


Install the window cill properly. Select the right thickness of material for the cill. Measure and cut the window sill to the exact width to avoid gaps on the two ends that allow moisture, insects and heat and cold to escape.

Coordinating Colours with House

Add to your home’s aesthetic beauty, and treat the window sills as accents to your home. Coordinate their colours with the colours of your windows, house siding or house trim colours.

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