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Top Quality Paving Materials

Paving materials are chosen as much for their style as for their durability, and natural paving stones such as limestone, sandstone and granite are as attractive as they are functional. For driveways, pathways and patio paving, stone paving materials lend a home a distinctive air of sophistication.

Sandstone paving materials are an affordable choice for driveway or patio paving, with a broad spectrum of design options. Colours for sandstone paving materials are specific to the quarry in which they are cut and include beige, grey, brown, yellow and mint. Sandstone natural paving create a long-lasting surface that require little maintenance.
Both Kadappa and Kota limestone paving offer exceptional value. Quarried in India, they are valued for their strength and their resistance to extreme temperatures. Kadappa is one of the most popular choices for black paving. Kota limestone paving is a particularly fine-grained type of limestone that is prized for its unique greenish-blue and brown colourations. Other limestone colours include pink, grey and beige. Limestone is tough, water resistant and available in a variety of sizes.
Thought to be the oldest rocks on earth, granite has a distinctive aesthetic that evokes an Old World style. Whether covering a large surface like a driveway, or for garden patios, pathways and kerbs, granite paving stands up to wear and age without sacrificing style.
Natural paving provides an affordable and stylish addition to your garden or patio area. Whether used in large quantities or as accent kerbs and borders, when it comes to a surface that offers durable style, natural paving exceeds expectations. Whether a home is old or new, pavers that blend with the style and naturals materials of the home help achieve a cohesive look that will retain its visual appeal for years to come.
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