Kota brown limestone paving

Using Light Coloured Limestone Paving To Enhance Your Garden

Limestone is the perfect choice for garden stone paving. It’s durable and will outlast any man-made product on the market. This means real savings along with years of added beauty. Light coloured limestone really enhances the variety of colour veins that naturally course through the pavers. The effect on the landscape can be quite dramatic and eye-pleasing.

Garden Walks

Light coloured limestone paving weaving through a garden area creates an enchanting trail to walk and enjoy. You can add inset areas under shade trees, or around flowering foliage with concrete benches for the ultimate relaxation spot. The natural stone paving is durable for all seasons and keeps its beauty for many years.

Patio and Garden Combinations

Add a new dimension of beauty to outdoor entertaining with the addition of a patio and garden walk combination. The lighter coloured limestone paving will reflect light better and make night-time entertaining a favourite. With wide garden walks that extend off from the patio, you can set small tables around the garden to fit more guests in a beautiful, natural setting.

Pool and Garden Combinations

The pool is the centre attraction of most outdoor activity during the hotter months of summer. Imagine the beauty of combining your pool area and gardens with light coloured limestone paving. The lighter stone won’t absorb the heat like darker colours, which makes it much more comfortable for walking barefoot on. This makes it the perfect paving material to surround pools and extend off to garden trails. Your guests will be amazed at how it pulls the natural beauty of the landscape together in one neat package.

Multi-Level Gardens

Paving is a great way to create a variety of levels to a raised bed garden. You can stair-step three or four levels and separate each one by placing outer layers of light coloured limestone. The dramatic difference of the light stone and dark soil gives it an incredible 3-dimensional effect that looks great in any season.

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