Interior Stone Cladding

What Is Stone Cladding?

Homes have been built and decorated with stone for thousands of years, but home-owners have never added more options for achieving the look of stone construction, than they do today. From kitchen back splashes to garden walls, elegant fireplaces to rustic fire pits, stone cladding makes it possible to decorate just about any surface with natural stone, indoors and out.

How Is Stone Cladding Made?

Stone cladding, also called veneer, is natural stone that has been split into thin slices, making it light enough to apply almost anywhere. The front face of the stone is indistinguishable from a conventional stone product, so whether it’s applied on a fireplace or on an exterior wall, it will look as if it’s stacked stone. On the back of the veneer, the surface is smoothed for easy application. The cladding can be set in mortar, cement board or poured concrete.

Stone Material Options and Applications

Slate cladding is ideal for use on exterior walls, providing you with the look of a solid-rock wall whilst adding strength to the home’s structure. For a stone wall cladding project, granite veneer adds a feeling of substance, security and elegance to your garden. Quartz cladding glitters with style. Use it to cover an interior wall in your home’s entrance to ensure that your home always makes a great first impression. Rustic brown cladding is perfect when you want to transform a generic fireplace into a warm and welcoming hearth.
At S&N Granite, we offer a broad array of stone cladding, from durable granite and slate to softer stones like quartz, all available in a wide range of sizes and colours. We have all of the cladding materials necessary to complete your stunning new cladding design as well. Whether you take on a stone wall cladding job as a DIY weekend project or enlist help from a professional stone mason to craft a complex design for your fireplace, S&N Granite is your source for all of the cladding materials that you’ll need to get the job done in style.