Granite paving -Granite Cobble Grey

Why Choose Cobble Stones For Your Driveway?

Cobble stones were once almost exclusively used for public streets, but soon people began to notice the beauty and usefulness of cobble paving for their own private homes, including their driveways. Cobble stones have traditionally been defined as rounded stones formed by glaciers or the sea, and are graded and sold in different sizes.

Stone used for cobble paving can be laid end on end, or tight packed together. Cobbles can be hard to walk on and have often been laid as deterrents to pedestrians as well as for decorative reasons. This makes some people worry that they’re too bumpy for a car’s tires as it moves up and down the driveway, but the cobbles offered by S&N Granite are perfect for a driveway. Indeed, their rough finish gives traction to a car’s tires, especially on wet days when granite can be slippery. In rainy weather or fair, they will always give a property that touch of elegance that makes people take notice.

S&N’s granite cobble stones come in many shades of gray or brown. The masons are quite capable of arranging them in many beautiful patterns according to the wishes of the customers.
S&N Granite, one of the premiere suppliers of paving stone and other building products in Ireland, has been family owned and operated since the mid-1990’s and specializes in the highest quality hand-cut granite. They welcome customers to their showroom, where they can examine the extensive collection of paving, including cobble paving, and where the knowledgeable and courteous staff of S&N Granite can answer their questions. The customer would do well to come early, as there’s over 1100 square meters of granite and other paving materials in the showroom!
S&N is conveniently located in Camolin, an hour outside of Dublin via the main Dublin to Rosslare road. We can also be reached at +353 53 9383992. Come visit us today.