Limestone Window Sills

Why Choose Granite Sills?

There are a number of factors for the home-owner (and contractor) to consider when choosing materials for the design and construction of a project. Primary items for you to consider include the cost of materials, their maintenance requirements, longevity and durability, and of course the aesthetic value of the product selected. Granite is a versatile material, and is suitable for a wide range of construction needs. So, you might ask yourself, how could custom granite products fit into your project’s design needs for window sills?

First off, granite is a strong and durable material and can be used to good effect for a window sill. Granite sills can bear the weight of window boxes and other floral beautification treatments, interior seat walls, or anything else. Additionally, granite sills are not susceptible to rot or other moisture related problems that can arise when flower boxes are used on wood or other porous surfaces.
Versatility is another reason to consider a granite sill for your window treatment. Unlike prefabricated items, granite sills can be to custom cut for a variety of window sizes, and styled to complement traditional or modern home designs. A granite sill also gives an added bonus of a refined and distinct aesthetic appearance that can be used to complement other stonework in the home, and augment the value and kerb appeal of your house.
Easy, low maintenance is another reason why granite may be an appropriate window sill material. Constant exposure to the sun will cause paint finishes and colour treatments to fade over time, and the moisture from rain water, snow, or potted plants will also promote rot and discolouration of many materials. Stone building materials do not require regular painting as wood does, and a granite sill will stand up to weathering better than most other products.
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