Marble Tiles

Why Choose Marble Floors?

The versatility of marble allows many applications in construction including bathroom floor tiles. Polished marble floors have a natural antiseptic quality, do not absorb water, odours or allergens and are easy to clean. The smooth silky texture of natural marble is a delight to bare feet as well as a treat to the eyes.

More than any other flooring material, marble floors increase the value of your home. This natural stone member of the limestone family has been refined through centuries of metamorphosis into an extremely dense material that has been preferred in the construction of some of the most famous architectural designs.
Exceptionally durable marble floor tiles are thick and dense, resist chipping and cracking and if installed properly will withstand the burden of heavy weight. Professionally laid marble floor tiles lend elegance to your home that no other flooring material can provide.
Though rarely found in a pure form of any of the many colours of this exceptional building material, the veins and swirls permeating the stone enhance its decorative appeal. It is recommended that the marble to be used in a single room should be ordered from the same batch to facilitate matching the colours, shapes and striations within the stone.
Your choice of colours for hallway, kitchen or bathroom floor tiles should reflect and extend the décor of other rooms in the house. Variations of colour may range from white to black, pink to salmon and cedar red and shades of gray, blue and brown. Colours may be combined in geometric designs as you prefer, and tiles are available in an assortment of sizes and shapes.
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