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Why Choose Marble For Fireplace Design?

A fireplace is often the strongest architectural element in a home and as such, naturally creates a compelling focal point. Investing in a material that makes the most of this stunning feature is money well spent. A new fireplace crafted from fine marble will not only improve the quality of home life, creating a distinctive focal point that is as functional as it is attractive, but will improve the resale value of the home as well. Homebuyers look for amenities constructed from quality materials that will add comfort and style to their life at home.
When it comes to selecting the best material for a fireplace, nothing quite compares to the elegance of marble. Long associated with fine living, a marble fireplace imbues a room with a look of established style, reflecting the discriminating taste and keen sense of style of the home-owner. Choosing marble for fireplace installations authenticates a feeling of permanence and security in your home.
The best fireplace design will take advantage of the variegated grain and texture of the stone. Using marble for fireplace designs requires the skills of an experienced stone mason, one who is highly adept at working with the demanding material. Each centimetre of the marble must be attended to with care and skill, yet the proportion and scale of the overall fireplace design must capture and hold the attention as well, presenting the whole with polished perfection.
A new fireplace crafted from marble has a timeless quality that transcends faddish decorating styles. Whether the décor of the home is classic or contemporary, a marble fireplace elevates any decorative style, adding a layer of sophistication to the room, yet retaining the warmth and welcome of the family hearth.
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