Mint Fossil - Indian Sansdstone Paving

Why Indian Sandstone Paving Lasts

Looking to decorate your patio without breaking the bank? You’ve come to the right place.

Indian sandstone paving has become one of the most popular choices in durable, all-natural exterior design. Unlike other methods of paving, sandstone is built to last – to age gracefully and weather everything from storms to erosion to several generations of guests. You don’t have to worry about unsightly cracks and cement leaks, not with sandstone paving. It’s made to endure, and to compliment your home or office building without the upkeep typically required by other paving materials.
It’s for this reason sandstone paving is also one of the cheaper options in exterior decorating. The right mason can cut sandstone that won’t wear away even under a constant barrage of feet, making repairs and replacements unnecessary. Sandstone is also easy to clean, proving it the economical choice for personal homes and businesses, where every euro counts. Sandstone offers a smooth surface that’s easy to sweep and even easier to wash. It can even withstand jet washing if you ever desire a deeper, more thorough clean!
Why else should you choose Indian sandstone paving for your building? How about its elegance and flexibility? Choose from an entire portfolio of colours, shapes and styles, all designed to bring out the best of your patio or garden. It won’t overwhelm your existing aesthetic; it will simply complement what’s already there. Whether you’re looking for a cheerful oasis or a sleek, professional pathway, sandstone paving can be cut exactly to your specifications and style requirements.
Gone are the days when you had to choose between natural materials and top-quality design. With our Indian sandstone paving, you’ll enjoy all the comforts of top-notch patio material without sacrificing function or style.
S&N Granite have specialised in Indian Sandstone paving materials for many years and are experts in creating stunning paving designs for all garden patio areas. Contact us today at S&N Granite and we can provide you with the highest quality Indian sandstone products in Ireland.